Moving into Place

May 24th event downstairs studio ODAY (1).jpg

Moving Into Place 

May 24th, 7pm, 2019

Suggested $3 donation at the door

Leila Kaplan, Tess O'Day, Madeline Clyne, Sophie Abraham

Join us for the culmination of our embodied research investigation we have been working on for the last several months! As a group we have held space for one another to explore our relationship to the Connecticut River Valley through movement exploration and collaborative choreography. Our hope was to gain a more dynamic understanding of this area by moving through our own and others feelings and relationships to it. Come see what we've learned!

The event will be comprised of a short movement piece we created and an interactive activity that will explore how our bodies can be tools in understanding and relating to the place of the Connecticut River Valley and the people we inhabit it with.