Health Expo


Wednesday October 2nd, 2019 6:30-9pm 

We will have two displays, "Hidden in Plain Sight" and "Weeding Through the Mist" which are both mock bedroom set ups with common, everyday items throughout that are designed to conceal drug paraphernalia. The adults are given a list of what to look for and have an opportunity to go through the room and see for themselves what may be hiding. The activity is designed to be interactive and informative. 

In addition, come see several other stations where adults can see, feel, and learn about modern day vape devices, marijuana dab pens, THC edibles, etc. Health professionals will address how to broach the topic of substance use. Vendors will showcase fun, healthy activities that are above the influences of drugs.

Food and Prizes have been donated by Central Rock Gym, Look Park, and Puzzled Escape Room. 

Safe storage containers will be offered as door prizes to promote the safe storage of cannabis edibles, vape products, and prescription drugs.