Glow - Ecstatic Dance

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A bi-monthly dance journey to take us into self exploration and creative expression. We honor moving as the music inspires you in a judgement-free space designed to inspire easeful presence and energetic flow. GLOW is an opportunity to connect with your self, shake up your patterns, let free-form inspiration abound, and co-create a transformative experience.

Let carefully crafted musical journeys allow you to process emotions, exercise your body and mind, lift your spirits, and be welcomed by a vibrant local community as part of a global family in ecstatic expression. You can engage in the dance as you wish… through movement, meditation, expansion, observation, introspection, development, and connection.

You’ll be amazed at what emerges when you let go and just dance!

For more information:

PROGRAM 4/14/19
6:45pm Doors open, Welcome
7:00 Opening Circle & Guided Warmup W/ Chandra Cantor
7:30 Ecstatic Dance Wave w/ Journey Weaver & Special Guest
9:00 Soundscape Integration w/ Kelli Joy
9:15 Closing Circle

Along with dancing, each event will offer local vending, community networking, family corner, and chair massage!

Limited Early-bird Online until sold out: $10
Online & At the Door (sliding scale): $15-25
Low Income: $10 w/EBT ID
Students: $10 w/valid ID
Kids 3-12: $5
Limited number of discount tickets available online at


1. Conversation outside the dance space
2. Judgement free, move however you wish
3. Respect yourself and one another

Connect with inquiry before assumption, give yourself permission to be present and free of digital distractions, enjoy a natural high, and co-create the experience with consideration.

Any concerns at any point can be addressed with an available Space Holder (listed at the entrance table)

Kids: Are welcome but must be supervised, match the energy of the dance, and may only run around outside. Children must have a guardian, in the dance space or out in the lobby, at all times.

“I see dance being used as communication between body and soul, to express what it too deep to find for words.” ~ Ruth St. Denis

Dance is love, community, nourishment, inspiration, connection, bliss...

Let's dive into an ecstatic wave together and start the week off in movement and magic. GLOW invites an early evening gathering of community to co-create together... we'll bring you a mix of local and worldwide teachers, DJs, artists, and musicians to weave a rich experience twice a month for our dancing family!

Already filling the schedule with... warmups of 5 rhythms, gaga, soul motion, authentic movement, afroyoga... DJs from Boston, Nevada City, Guatemala, NYC, Berlin, Northamtpon, Los Angeles, Goa, Hartford, London, Montreal, the Bay area, Salt Lake City.... and live musician soundscapes with bells, didgeridoos, guitars, gongs, bowls, harps, kalimbas, violins, voice, piano, flute .... and much more!!!

We invite you to be inspired, expand, connect, and move... with a worldwide community and our local dance family.

…...come together and glow with us!