Alexander Technique with Abbie Steiner, MPT

Abbie Steiner, MPT

Abbie Steiner, MPT

For 120 years, the Alexander Technique has been helping people with chronic pain and injuries regain natural comfort and ease in their daily life.  Lessons have proved useful for people engaged in activities as varied as acting, playing music, singing, athletics, desk work, and gardening.  Learn how to decrease pain by improving posture, coordination and balance - by integrating the whole self.  Class will include constructive rest positions and movement strategies basic to the Alexander work. Individual needs and interests of class members will also be addressed.

     Teacher Mary Holland explains, “what one gets out of an Alexander lesson is essentially an experience, an experience of gradually growing into a better state.  And to put that experience into words is rather like trying to explain music to someone who has never heard it.”

Try a FREE first class on Wednesday October 17

5 Wednesdays @ 5:00-6:15  October 17 - November 14

$75 for the series. (Please wear comfortable clothes & if possible bring a mat and 2-3 paperback books.) 

To Register and for More Information Contact Abbie: or 413-478-7600

Yoga Lab with Molly Kitchen

Molly Kitchen

Molly Kitchen

In this all-bodies-welcome class, we explore asana, pranayama and philosophical themes as they relate to real life experiences. We’ll use the yoga mat as a “laboratory” to explore not only physicality, functional movement, and proprioception, but also the more subtle realms of mind and heart. Expect plenty of invitations to deep inner listening, smart out-of-the-box approaches to postures, and a lovely community of supportive fellow practitioners.

Tuesdays, 6:45–8pm, Sept 4–Dec 18

$15 Drop-In; $180 Semester Pass; Sliding Scale 10-$15 available as needed -- cash preferred; you can also pay online:

Radical Closeness for the People: Peer Counseling


A 9 week series taught by Rythea Lee and Samantha Burnell

Sunday nights September 16-November 11 2018, 6-8pm
Northampton Center for the Arts at 33 Hawley Street

To register go to                                                  

Or call Rythea 413 586-7390 or Samantha 413 824-2870

$280 or $100 deposit by August 16th and $300 after that date. Due to our commitment to addressing white privilege and societal racial inequality, we offer scholarships for people of color. Please inquire.

Human beings are meant to live in community, to be in relationships where true intimacy can flourish, where pain and joy are shared equally with compassion.
Peer Counseling is the practice of learning to give and receive empathetic, caring, love and support. We will cover material that is good for beginners and for people who have experience and want to be a in group doing this work regularly.

The aim of this class is to learn the skills and gain resources to:
-Feel less alone in your life
-Allow feelings to cycle through without getting blocked
-Have new insights that move your life forward
-Create relationships that support you to have true intimacy
-Wake up emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, and creative avenues of expression

-Gain the ability to act and make choices with confidence

If you have been in crisis recently or currently, please email us before you register to discuss if this course is appropriate for you.