Watercolor Big & Bold with Deborah Rubin


Six Sessions on Wednesday evenings, March 7-April 11, 2018

6:30-9 pm. See below for fees and registration

Learn techniques and theory to create wonderful colorful paintings. Techniques include dry brush, wet on wet, big brush and flat brush. Theory includes color, composition and more. Some demos, some critiques, and a lot of fun! All levels welcome. The emphasis is on "learning by doing," so expect to jump in with paint immediately. Fee is $234 plus supply list below.

To register, email us or call the Center at (413) 584-7327. Please include your name, address, and telephone contact. Course fees are payable in advance by check to "NCFA" and can be mailed to the Northampton Center for the Arts, PO Box 366, Northampton MA 01061. We do not accept credit cards.

Instructor: Deborah Rubin


1 full sheet (22 x 30) hot press watercolor paper
2 full sheets (22 x 30) rough watercolor paper
Brands: Arches, Fabriano, Canson, Waterford, Whatman
A small (at least 8 x 10) spiral watercolor pad

To hold 15 x 22 size paper so should be a few inches larger in both directions. 
Masonite is best though corrugated cardboard and foamcore will do in a pinch

Please avoid cheap sets like Reeves, Maries, Sakura etc. They will create poor paintings. Tube paints only and please bring the tubes to class. I’m nixing Winsor Newton Cotman tube colors – they’ve changed their color formulas and many colors aren’t accurate. 
Stick to quality brands like Winsor Newton professional, Grumbacher Academy, Da Vinci, Holbein, Schminke, and Van Gogh. The catalogue stores/online like Dick Blick and Cheap Joe’s (American Journey) have their own brand which is very good and cheaper. Colors: any white, any black, ultramarine blue or cobalt blue, pthalo blue, alizarin crimson, cadmium red (or hue), cadmium yellow (or hue), lemon yellow (or hue). Additional colors if you want to add more are cadmium orange, dioxazine purple, yellow ochre, and permanent rose.

BRUSHES: Good brushes – a combo of synthetic and natural- are essential. Poor brushes lose many hairs and flatten out when used which will frustrate the painter. So stay away from cheap sets. Sizes: Rounds # 4, 8, 12. Flats: ¼” and 1”. Also, a Japanese Hake brush at least 1 ½” wide as well as a small stiff bristle brush (used for oil painting) and a cheap disposable brush around #6

PALETTE: large rectangular palette around 10 x 14, like a John Pike palette, with wells for paint all around and large mixing area in the middle. Again, the online art companies sell their version of this palette for half the price of the other brands.

Small color wheel
Blue painters tape (like masking tape) from hardware store
Liquid mask (sometimes called frisket) non-permanent
White vinyl eraser
#2 pencil
Rubber cement pick-up
Black fine permanent marker (micron is good) 
2 Water containers (deli containers, big yogurt container) 
small spray bottle (CVS and Walgreens have them, about 3” tall) 
Small portfolio to carry artwork home – not mandatory.

If you have problems finding everything, please get in touch with me. I have many items to sell and since I order frequently,I can put an order of something in for you as well. Unfortunately Winsor Newton Cotman seems to be the popular paint in Michaels and A.C. Moore. I’d rather have you order something else through Dick Blick, Jerry’s Artarama, Cheap Joes, or ASW Express, than buy paint that will frustrate you!

Any questions, email Deborah: deborahrubin8@gmail.com or cell: 1-413-253-7922