What Can Social Media Do For You As a Writer?


Come listen to presenter Marya Zilberberg discuss how to break down the barriers and put Twitter, blogs and other online formats to work. The event will be at the Northampton Center for the Arts on March 3, 2018, from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Social media seem to be a necessity for marketing anything in the 21st century. But are they? What are the best approaches for a writer? We will discuss some of the successful strategies and potential pitfalls of this brave new communication ecosystem.

Marya Zilberberg is a physician-health services researcher living in Western Massachusetts. In addition to over 120 academic articles, she has authored the book Between the Lines: Finding the Truth in Medical Literature, which, thanks to her blogging and tweeting, is used by many residency programs as a textbook of evaluative medicine. Her creative work has appeared or is forthcoming in Six Hens, Meat for Tea: The Valley Review, Cleaver, Vox Poetica, The Blue Hour and Boston Poetry Magazine, among others. If you want to follow Marya on Twitter, her handle is @murzee.