Family Choreography Workshop


Join Amy Kotel-Swift for this fun, unique family dance workshop!

Saturday, November 23, 10:00am to 12:00pm

Fees: $15/adult, $10/kid 0-18, $50 family* cap. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. For more information or to register, please email or call 413-584-7327.

Playing with choreographic structures, movement games, writing/ drawing, props, and choreographic principles, families* will be invited to collaborate together, making work that draws on stories, movement through space, emotion, laban technique, and of course imagination. Families will perform for each other and create from one's own creative landscape and from the other members of their brood. Eventually, each family group will bring their creations to the larger family community, enabling a larger choreographic piece to be developed. This memorable workshop will be bonding and fun for all ages, but particularly appropriate for youth older than 6 to elder.

Advance registration is strongly encouraged, as we will need to meet our minimum to run the class. Day-of and walk-in registrations are welcome as long as there is room in the class!

Amy Dawn Kotel-Swift , as a child, spent a great deal of her free time by herself, choreographing and improving to her sister’s eight tracks cassettes. She only got brave enough to start studying when she attended SUNY New Paltz, where she eventually graduated with a dance minor. Since college Amy has worked consistently as a performance/dance/fine artist. She has toured with puppet companies, studied/lived at Earthdance, been a member of Hawley Martin Dance Company and the Dance Generators, and has been a guest dancer for several other companies/projects in MA and NY. Additionally, Amy became Certified k-12 dance teacher in MA and has choreographed for dance companies, plays, flash mobs, weddings, and many events. She has worked in almost every private and public school in the area, teaching dance and theater all over the Happy Valley. Because she didn't start taking formal dance lessons until adulthood, she understands the importance supporting her students in feeling included, safe, and capable. Her classes are not only welcoming to all, the are also super fun. Her excitement comes from seeing her students explore every corner of their imagination, as they learn of the possibilities their bodies, which are endless.

*We understand that families come in many forms and arrangements, and everyone is welcome in this class. For payment purposes, “family” may be defined as 1 or 2 adults and the children in their care. Legal guardianship is not necessary. If a grandparent would like to come with their grandchildren, or if an aunt/uncle would like to bring their niece/nephew, that’s great! If a parent brings a child’s friend along with their family, we ask that you pay for that child separately from the family cap. Any questions or requests? We welcome emails at