Ecstatic Dance!

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A bi-monthly dance journey to take us into self exploration and creative expression. We honor moving as the music inspires you in a judgement-free space designed to inspire easeful presence and energetic flow. GLOW is an opportunity to connect with your self, shake up your patterns, let free-form inspiration abound, and co-create a transformative experience.

Let carefully crafted musical journeys allow you to process emotions, exercise your body and mind, lift your spirits, and be welcomed by a vibrant local community as part of a global family in ecstatic expression. You can engage in the dance as you wish… through movement, meditation, expansion, observation, introspection, development, and connection.

You’ll be amazed at what emerges when you let go and just dance!

May 5th, 7-9:30 GLOW: “Swirl” with Deep Seize

May 19th, 7-9:30 GLOW: "EXPLORE" with DJ RA SO

May 29th 7-9:30 GLOW: "FLOW" with DJ EOKA