Alexander Technique with Abbie Steiner, MPT

 Abbie Steiner, MPT

Abbie Steiner, MPT

For 120 years, the Alexander Technique has been helping people with chronic pain and injuries regain natural comfort and ease in their daily life.  Lessons have proved useful for people engaged in activities as varied as acting, playing music, singing, athletics, desk work, and gardening.  Learn how to decrease pain by improving posture, coordination and balance - by integrating the whole self.  Class will include constructive rest positions and movement strategies basic to the Alexander work. Individual needs and interests of class members will also be addressed.

     Teacher Mary Holland explains, “what one gets out of an Alexander lesson is essentially an experience, an experience of gradually growing into a better state.  And to put that experience into words is rather like trying to explain music to someone who has never heard it.”

Try a FREE first class on Wednesday October 17

5 Wednesdays @ 5:00-6:15  October 17 - November 14

$75 for the series. (Please wear comfortable clothes & if possible bring a mat and 2-3 paperback books.) 

To Register and for More Information Contact Abbie: or 413-478-7600