Photo credit: Eve Boltax

Photo credit: Eve Boltax

Feldenkrais Class with Michelle Huber

Monday, March 11th, 8:30-9:30 PM

33 Hawley Street, Northampton Arts Trust Building

$10 in advance by, pay through Paypal or $12 at the door

NEW TO FELDENKRAIS? Arrive at 8:15 for an intro of what to expect!
**Feldenkrais is a learning, mindful, embodied practice of slowing down and experiencing how you move. In a lesson we combine our own curiosity and awareness with Moshe Feldenkrais' profound knowledge of coordination and developmental movement patterns. It's a practice of decreasing doing and increasing awareness. 

Wear layers, it's really common for your body temperature to drop as your nervous system relaxes. 

For more information or to pay for your spot, please e-mail michelle.a.huber@gmail.com