Radical Closeness for the People: Peer Counseling



A 9 week series taught by Rythea Lee and Samantha Burnell

Sundays September 15th-November 17th (No class on Nov. 3rd), 6:00-8:00pm

We live in a society of isolation and separation, where feelings are considered too much and few people have the skills to help out or even listen. As peer counselors for 20+ years, we have seen the value of creating a network of counselors as part of every day mental and emotional health.

Human beings are meant to live in community, to be in relationships where true intimacy can flourish, where pain and joy are shared equally with compassion. This work aims to create a context for developing deep and lasting connection through time. This workshop will introduce the practice of peer counseling, fostering a safe space, tools, and theory to begin building enduring peer support. This workshop creates an experience that helps you move forward in:

1. Not feeling alone in your life
2. Allowing feelings to cycle through without getting blocked
3. Having new insights that move your life out of stuckness
4. Creating relationships that support you to have true intimacy
5. Waking up emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, and creative avenues of expression
6. Gain ability to act and choose with confidence 

Join us and start using tools to create more intimacy in your life.

Early Registration $280 Deadline August 25th- you must pay at least a $100 by this date. $300 after that date.

If you have been in crisis recently or currently, please email us before you register to discuss if this course is appropriate for you.

Due to our commitment to addressing white privilege, reparations, and societal racial inequality, we offer scholarships for people of color, please inquire

To read more about this incredible practice read this article by Rythea Lee, https://rythea.com/publications/

Register https://rythea.com/shop/ to pay early registration

Cancellation policy for a series:

The $100 deposit to sign up for a series is non-refundable. If you pay in full for the whole series, you can get 1/2 back up to 2 weeks before the workshop not including the $100. Once it has hit 2 weeks before the class, there are no refunds. We can forward the remainder of your balance (not including the $100 deposit) to a future workshop up to 2 weeks before the series.