The Shape of Water with Robert Masla

All day workshop on Saturday, July 14, 10am-4:30 pm

Fee: $150 / Materials: Click here for Watercolor or Click here for Oils & Acrylics

Have you struggled to paint water in your painting, not quite sure how best to capture its energy and form? Of all the elements of landscape, water is perhaps the most elusive, hardest to pin down and paint -especially when it is constantly moving! Masla reveals to you the anatomy of waves and perception of both still and moving water, the effects of light reflection and transparency, the qualities of mist and atmosphere, as well as the tools and techniques to capture the appearance and feel of water. Learn about the properties of water in different conditions and how to paint it and how to paint the “mood” of water under different conditions. After experiencing this in-depth workshop, when you paint, either in plein air or the studio, you will have both a better understanding of what you are seeing and want to portray as well as greater ability through knowledge and technique, to express it and capture mood and feeling in your work. During this class you will also paint along with Masla's demo as you create a powerful painting of a wave crashing agains rocks. He will be using Rembrandt watercolors and Cobra non solvent, (water mixable) oil paints on Fredrix canvas all media paint boards and Fabriano paper.