Homeslice Puppetry — classes for adults and kids!

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September 7-8, 2019

Join puppeteer and puppet maker Eric Weiss for these unique classes!

Foam & Rod Puppets for Kids: Saturday, September 7, 9:30-11:00am ($20 plus a $5 material fee, or $25 per student)

Simple Mechanism Puppets for Kids: Sunday, September 8th, 9:30am-12:00pm ($40 plus a $10 material fee, or $50 per student)

Adult Class—Carved Foam & Simple Mechanism Puppets: Saturday and Sunday, 12:30-5:30pm ($200 tuition and $60 material fee, or $260.00 per student)

To register, email or call the Center at 413 584-7327. Please include your name, address, and telephone contact. Course fees are payable in advance by check to “NCFA” and can be mailed to the Northampton Center for the Arts, PO Box 366, Northampton MA 01061. We do not accept credit cards.

Classes are held in our lower level studio at 33 Hawley Street. Parking is free.

For information about the classes themselves, please contact Eric Weiss at, or visit or

Class Descriptions:

Foam & Rod Puppets: This class focuses on how to build a simple Foam and Rod puppet, creating a character, and the elements needed to do so. Students will learn about the use of foam in puppetry and how dynamic it can make your puppet. Students will then proceed to create their character and build their own puppets. Lastly we will manipulate our creations, bringing them to life and learning to move them and give them emotions.

Simple Mechanism Puppets (Grades 3 &up): A puppet mechanism is device that you put inside your puppet to create movement typically by using a cable, pulling a string, or using a wooden rod. In this class we will build a simple mouth mechanism and then construct a foam puppet around the device that they create. Students may then learn to give their puppet a character and practice how to move and manipulate their creation.

Carved Foam & Simple Mechanism Puppets (Adult Class): In this class students will learn to build a carved foam puppet with a simple mechanism. We will use a “Muffin Puppet” as our project model to teach these techniques, however students will have the option of making something different if they wish. We will also learn how to build a mechanism, to paint, dye, carve, and sculpt foam, an alternative way to use silicone to create a “skin”, and to add features like eye’s to really bring your puppet to life. Students will also learn how these techniques can be used and applied to a host of other puppets.