Drawing Into Watercolor

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Six Tuesdays, September 3 - October 8, 4 - 6 pm

Cost: $175.00 due upon registration, plus materials (see list below)

Have you always wanted to draw, and paint with watercolor but think you don’t have the talent? Turn off your electronic devices and let’s get started! In this fun and unique class we will explore the elements of black and white drawing, and techniques in watercolor painting as you build your creative and perceptual skills in both.

Open to adults, all levels of ability

To register, email programs@nohoarts.org or call the Center at 413 584-7327. Please include your name, address, and telephone contact. Course fees are payable in advance by check to “NCFA” and can be mailed to the Northampton Center for the Arts, PO Box 366, Northampton MA 01061. We do not accept credit cards.

About the Instructor:

Jeannie Donovan is an exhibiting painter and paper maker with an MFA in Visual Design, who has taught drawing and painting to students of all ages for over 25 years.

Class Materials List

For materials questions, contact Jeannie Donovan (jdartist11@hotmail.com)

• Sketch book (10 x 14”) white drawing paper pad (no newsprint)

• drawing pencils: F, 2B, 4B, Ebony

• 1 package vine charcoal (thin sticks)

• 1 charcoal pencil

• 2 kneaded rubber erasers

• pencil sharpener

Watercolor Materials

• Watercolor pad (10 x 14”) rough surface, cold pressed

• Inexpensive camel hair or student grade watercolor brushes: 1” flat; small detail brushes: #1, & #3; medium rounds #5 and/or #6; larger rounds: #10 and #12

• Starter watercolor kits like Reeves, Niji, Grumbacher, Cotman, or other which should include the colors cadnium red, alizarin crimson, ultramarine blue, cerulean blue, medium yellow, burnt sienna, burnt umber, Payne’s gray, Hooker’s green dark; you can also buy just the tube colors and not a whole starter kit, whichever is more affordable; (be sure to buy the Payne’s gray)

• Plastic palette with mixing wells

• 1 or 2 plastic cups for water

• 16 x 20” (approximate) sheet of sturdy cardboard or cheap masonite board

• 1⁄2” and 1” rolls of masking tape

*Note: for the first class you do not need to have, or bring all the supplies. Bring the drawing materials and drawing pad listed above to get started