Use of alcohol or other legal intoxicants on the premises of 33 Hawley Street by renters, guests, and students unless explicitly approved by the Center.

Generally speaking, approvals are for formal events, such as receptions, parties, or special meetings, and fall under different guidelines depending on whether an event is public or private. An event is considered private if it is by invitation or registration only, and is understood to fall solely under Renter’s insurance policy. Other than events occurring during Arts Night Out, public events require obtaining in advance a permit (at about $61 per day) in person from the Northampton Licensing Commission which meets once a month (first Wednesdays) and a TIPS trained bartender (available online for about $40). For public performances, the Center retains first rights to serve alcohol if appropriate. Private events require no permitting (classes are not considered private events for this purpose). City regulations make no distinction in this context between alcohol that is sold, exchanged for a donation, or given freely. Only the private/public distinction holds.